Sunday, November 16, 2014

Perhaps I am addicted

To this cash cow of a job.

More familiar faces at the club.  More thoughts about the risks and rewards of this gig are churning.  I guess I've made up my mind that I don't want people from school that I want to respect me knowing, and more people find out, it's just opening a can of worms I don't want to deal with.  I wouldn't lie about it, and I'll confront people who recognize me, but it's really uncomfortable and I'll always dread that situation.

The end is near.  :'(

I don't really want to quit.  Only for alternative income would I quit, and it looks like I'm gonna be in school all spring, so I really have to tread lightly for the next 6 months.  Which sucks because I sincerely enjoy this gig, even after weighing the pros and cons.

But I've been so busy keeping up with school that it's finally gonna start paying off, and I really desire a smooth transition from quitting stripping for a vanilla career.  I doubt I'll be able to turn back.  It's already very difficult to stay up and work late anyway.

It's been fun.  May the ending path feel more like a homestretch.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Do u squat

I get that question almost every night I work.

I've been working out, but not squats, and it was so annoying hearing girls at work telling me how to work out, and they're like "all I do is squat."

I couldn't get a word in, but I just wanted to say that there are so many exercises for the butt that aren't squats, like dead lifts, lunges and abducting.  I do anything and everything to avoid doing squats because lap dances already wear out my quads, I don't need squats to look better.

I made it to work both nights this week.  I'm proud of myself for not sleeping through my shift, but I'm wondering if these sniffles are temporary.  Since I've been so tired working late I had very thin patience with the losers at the club.  I've been charging premium too because I'm too tired to give a fuck about my customers.

Lately I've been running into people from my life outside the club and tonight I think I saw one of the recruiters from the college career fair last week.  Just my luck.  Now my secret is out and everyone will know I'm a stripper.  Hopefully they'll know I'm a stripper trying to get out of stripping.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hardly stripping

God damn, school has been keeping me slammed, forcing me to sleep normal person hours.  I can't remember the last time I slept past noon.  I miss sleeping in, and I miss being able to sleep in.  But the productivity has been out of this world.

It's only been 4 weeks since school started, and I've only been able to make it to work once a week, and I am hating the lack of cash.  My bills are paid, but I can't buy the things I want, and it makes me wanna step it up.  Last night I was planning to go into work, but school ate up my entire day and night.  When midnight rolled around, I was rolling over into bed, not work.  I'm gonna make it up to myself tonight by going in a bit sooner than usual, though it's often a futile attempt to get ahead, I can't completely rule out the possibility that I'll put myself ahead by doing that.

School has been keeping me so busy that I can barely fit in the time to work out, and I always get nervous when I don't get enough exercise.  I'm ready for my boss to tell me I need to tone up because boss man is going on a firing spree.  The good news (maybe for just me) is that I'm getting closer and closer to retiring from stripping.  My education is going to pay off this time because I've been busting my ass and sacrificing work in order to keep my grades up and my obligations met.  I've probably lost all my semi-regulars in the process.  They probably show up, wondering where me and my dank ass are.  I bet even my fellow strippers are wondering where the hell I've been.  "Where's booty?"

I really want to work tonight.  I'm gonna try my damn hardest to stay up late tonight so I can make up for all that rest I got last night.  See I'm trying not to get sick while all this is going on.  I have exams next week and I just HATE being that person that can't stop coughing when it's all quiet.  It's so distracting during a period that requires high concentration.

Anyway, wish me luck, I'll write about tonight.  It should be interesting because I feel like I revert to noob status when I take too much time off from work.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ugh, Labor Day

According to a former strip club manager, Labor Day weekend is statistically the shittiest weekend out of the entire year.  Lowest numbers.

Ouch.  It felt like it at work tonight, proving the old man right.

But only at first.  As the night went on, it progressively got better for me.  I'd be going in and out of the dressing room for the first two hours of work, counting my cash, looking at the time and being disappointed with what I had.

Another high supply low demand night... I had to just wait it out.  I knew I could get some cash flow, especially when I saw other girls making money, I knew I could too, and eventually I did.

One guy said my lap dance was better than the sex he had in the past year, which as a businesswoman and a narcissist I'm pleased to hear.  Another man loved my body.  I've been doing very well making it to the gym three times this week, happy that the extra time there pays off big time.  Part of me wonders how much better I'd look if I actually went every day.  I need to fix my diet.  I can't say no to those tempting horrible-for-you foods a lot of times.  I say bring it on in fact.  If I just ate better, I wouldn't feel that fire under my ass as much.  You must be exhausted reading me be so hard on myself.  I guess It's the only way I know how to keep myself moving forward.  Anyway, back to my weird night at work...

During the last hour, I had to choose from 3 different guys and I jokingly said "highest bidder" and the guy I ended up dancing for spent the most out of any guy that night, so that was a good ending to this night.  I hope Saturday night is better, but I will expect only the most bullshit of customers because it's still Labor Day weekend and the rent is due and SCHOOL is back, FUCK!  Books are expensive, I wake up early, the classes are getting harder, I gotta do more schmoozing, this is gonna be one hell of a ride til December.  I'll try to keep posting.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

3% battery life

Overall, this weekend rocked.  I played my cards smart and most of my shifts were pleasant and lucrative.  Very seldom did I experience the anguish from being in a club saturated with the sharkiest of hustler chicks all preying on the new bachelor party that just showed up.  I waited for the tide to come in and bam, me and my big ass were in demand.  It's always so bad before midnight.  But after midnight, the rushes start hitting and sometimes that big spender shows up just before I start to get really bored.  When I get those blocks of time I feel like no one wants a dance, I just sit down, relax and tell myself, "my time will come," usually, I end up getting some kind of business, which is better than none, even if the guy is a shitbag.  But I did my best to steer clear of the handsy, wasted, trouble maker headache losers that always seem to be there to just make us girls go batty, and it worked.  Hooray for applying myself tonight!  I went home satisfied.  I can't wait for next weekend.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August heat

Oh thank goodness.  Last night did not suck for me.  Yay!

Lots of ass men showed up and I didn't have to work too hard, though at first it seemed like I did.  Some Asian men were there and one man had his eye on me so I asked him if he wanted a lap dance but he didn't know English and his translator friend asked if I'd do one for the lowball price.  I agreed, but didn't take the cash up front (like the risk taker I am) and before the song started, the guy wanted to just grab grab grab and I was thinking, "No, I'm not starting my night out feeling raped for $20, this guy is way too invasive."  I got up less than a minute into the song, got up and said, "I changed my mind, I don't feel like dancing anymore."   The man didn't even speak English, so I have no idea if he understood me, but I just couldn't dance with that guy for $20 when all he wanted to do was touch my pussy and pull off my nipples.  I hate that!  It just wasn't worth it to me.  The language barrier also made me feel very uncomfortable.  How can I tell this man to stop touching me like a pig if he doesn't understand English?  I don't know Chinese.

Another good reason for me to stop and move on to another guy was because the club was flush FULL of customers, and I just knew it couldn't be that hard to find a gentleman instead of a pig.  And doing a dance for the lowball price when there are potentially better paying customers out there, I just needed to prioritize better.  It didn't take long to start making money.  After that little speed bump, my night got better and better.

I really hope tonight is a good night too.   We shall see.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Came down with something

A bad case of the fuck-it's.  Last night I left for a lunch break and when it was time to go back, I felt too tired to want to try again, even though it was Saturday.  Looking at what I took home, I regret it, but factoring in everything else about last night, I'm glad I stayed home.

I'm sick of creepy people feeling my tits in the most creepy manner.  Even thinking about South Park's version of Mel Gibson doesn't make me smile and tough out the weirdos as much as it used to.

I really can't wait for my first day at my new job/internship.  Stripping was not addictive this week.  If every weekend was like this past weekend, I'd never want to continue working in this industry.  The demand for lap dances was so low, especially compared to the high supply of broke lap dancers.  Competition is such a bitch, and I know it always will be.  :(

The only enjoyable experience I had dancing for someone was this Latina woman who came in with her husband, whom didn't really partake in her lap dance.  It was mostly me and her, and the way she touched me was more like how I wish all men touched me.